Join us

Ad Hoc Players meet weekly to rehearse or discuss upcoming activities and productions.

Rehearsals are  generally held on Thursdays, between 7.30pm – 10pm.

We meet at Nelmes Church Halls, Burntwood Avenue, Emerson Park from 7.30pm each week – visitors are welcome.

When we are rehearsing a piece for performance we will often increase the number of rehearsals in the last few weeks. All members are invited to attend the AGM.

For more details on when and where the group are next meeting, please contact Lindsay, the group Secretary 

In order to help cover the costs associated with the running of the group, it is necessary for members to pay a small fee.

Ad Hoc Players membership fees are as follows:

Annual membership: £12

Rehearsal fees: £4 per week

Annual membership is requested from all members to help meet the costs of our annual insurance and ensure that we have sufficient funds to cover any unexpected costs associated with productions. This fee is charged at the start of the financial year. New members joining within the financial year (April – March) will still be expected to pay the membership fee.

Due to the costs involved in staging full length productions, we may ask for rehearsal fees to be paid up front, offering the option to pay in installments on request. Members are expected to pay for the purchase of any scripts they require as these remain the property of the individual. Where possible, scripts are purchased in bulk and offered at a discounted rate to group members, cheaper than the recommended retail price.

Payment can be made in cash, cheque (made payable to Ad Hoc Players Theatre Club), by bank transfer or standing order.

Contact the group Secretary or Treasurer for details